WTC Turku – Season Start (Online)

WTC Turku is arranging Season Start event together with our Partners! Due to Covid-19 situation we have moved the event to online and actual Grand Opening will be later (Stay tuned for actual date information) REGISTER HERE!  Theme of the event is International Trade and Leading Multicultural Team!  Leading Multicultural Team Discussion with Jani Rusi […]

International Meetup October – Non-competition agreements

Welcome to WTC Turku International Meetup at 6.10 14.00 - 15.30 at Zoom! REGISTER HERE Topics of the event: Opening and What's going on in WTC Turku and International Trade Jani Rusi, Director of Operations, WTC Turku KEY NOTE: Non-competition agreements Speakers: Attorney-at-law / Senior Associate Sini Hakkarainen and Attorney-at-law / Senior Associate Anu Vuori […]


Welcome to the Grand Opening of World Trade Center Turku to our home base, Visitor Center Joki! REGISTRATION 9.11.  14.00-16.00 and some afterwork networking with snacks and bubbly drinks 16 -> Come to meet people and to listen insightfull information and stories about international business! Keynote by CEO of ETLA (Economic Research) Aki Kangasharju! Keynote […]