We at WTC Turku want to help you move forward with the right services at the right time.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. A Finnish company going international? We’re here to guide you towards the right services. An international company coming to Finland? We’re here to connect you with thr right sources to move forward!

We’re here specically for the SMEs!

WTC services

WTC Turku brings back the international consortiums of 2020 with International Scaler! 

In WTC we see that businesses are stronger together and we can achieve more by co-operation. Synergy is the word of the day and that is what we aim to find in Preparator for international markets.

Our goal is to help companies find the answers to their challenges of international trade and create strong trust between people and organizations involved.

Before actually going to the international markets we bring the companies together in a preparator, which helps them to build the trust, work together and with our experts find the answers to challenges of different situations.


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