WTC Turku Internationalization Award 2023

Dewaco Oy from Laitila has received the WTC Turku Internationalization Award 2023. Dewaco manufactures Dewa-branded sludge treatment equipment in Laitila, which is an important part of the process of drinking and wastewater treatment plants. In 2022, over half of Dewaco’s turnover came from developing countries.


“In addition to quality, we also want to offer competitively priced products so that the equipment can be sold in countries where the need is greatest. The WTC Turku Internationalization Award is a great tribute to the work, expertise, and enthusiasm with which Dewaco employees create a cleaner future every day,” said Riku Granberg, CEO of Dewaco, who received the award at the award ceremony held at the Visitor and Innovation Center Joki in Turku on 20.11.2023. 

Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Mr. Ville Tavio joined the event and presented the award. In his keynote speech, Mr. Tavio focused on the future of export and world trade in the changing environment and especially on the role and meaning of the state as an enabler of success and growth.

Jari Rastas, Chairman of WTC Turku Ry, justifies Dewaco’s selection as the award recipient: “From among the good candidates, Dewaco emerged as a globally operating, specialized, and successful company in an industry whose importance is only growing with climate change. Vital water is a diminishing natural resource. The company’s products also have a significant environmental impact.”

Heidi Saaristo, head of WTC Turku, praised Dewaco as an example of exporting water expertise outside Finland. “In addition to water expertise, Dewaco has important expertise in international trade and the ability to find the right partners both here at home and in target markets. The combination of a good product and commercial expertise has led to good results,” Saaristo said. 

Throughout its history, Dewaco has delivered equipment to more than 90 countries. European countries such as Germany have traditionally been strong markets for the company, but recently growth has come from countries such as China, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Despite the growth, CEO Granberg says the effects of the coronavirus are still being felt in the business.