WTC Turku Internationalization Award

The WTC Turku Internationalisation Award recognizes and encourages companies in Southwest Finland, that have succeeded in the international markets.

The award has its roots in the Turku Chamber of Commerce’s export award, which was an honorary award given to an international company. The export award was last given in 2021, and a total of 14 times. 

Now the award has been renewed and is known as the Internationalization Award from 2023 onwards. The criterion for winning the WTC Turku Internationalization Award is that the winner has operated in international markets for at least three years and has demonstrated continuous growth in international operations.

The company’s operations must be established and financially stable. The award winner has, for example, created innovative solutions or products that have aroused interest and demand in foreign markets.

Possibly, the company has also promoted the recognition of expertise and brand of Southwest Finland globally and acted as a role model and inspiration for other companies in the region.


Other significant merits in the field of internationalization are also considered when evaluating proposals. The backing organizations of WTC Turku, Turku Chamber of Commerce, Business Turku and Varsinais-Suomen Yrittäjät each propose one local company as the recipient of the award, and in addition, WTC Turku Club members can propose a company. The board of WTC Turku Ry selects the winning company, which is awarded annually at the WTC Turku Ry annual meeting.